Another Way of Creativity….

Now, we know I like Decor. I like design. And guess what? That takes a whole other level of creativity. Or a different mind of creativity.

And, since you get to see the many designs for designers, I am going to post just some items I like and how I would like to place it one day… or dream of at least. ;D

Growing up on Video Games, I have always had a love for Mario and Mario themed items. I will probably not get this, but IF I ever do, I would most definitetly put this in a game room. (DREAM OF! If I get a game room, this may be one of the first things I buy to decorate it!).

It works very well in any age group I think. As a young mom, I love it. But it also can be something my nieces and nephew will enjoy because they get the reference as well. “Kid friendly” this lamp is.

If I had a more formal living room, this is what I would use. Then again, I may have this once my daughter is older and I would not fear for the destruction of it.

Simple. Elegant. I like it. At first I didn’t like the chairs, but I see they do have padding on it. I can live with that… maybe. I need to re-think about the backs of the chairs. But I love the overall look of it.

LOVE this as well! A bit more modern. Such a fantastic look!

I don’t do glass tables. I am too scared to even look at them. *laughs*

Love the covers! Now that I am pretty sure my husband would be okay with as well. Love it.

I could see this in a room for my husband. Subtle colors, easy to work with, and it has a nice plush so he could enjoy it.

This is a nice room that can add some “class” or more traditional feel to a room. I would definitely make room for this.

Isn’t Dreaming fun?


Pure Random

I can’t quite figure out what I wanted to blog about today, so I will talk about different subjects, and give you a peek at what is going on in my mind…

Warning, it is quite diverse and a few different subjects at one time.


(Not my picture. XD)

I did it! I actually tried baking with the fresh strawberries, and let me say, it was delicious! Let’s just say the cake didn’t last long enough to take a picture. My family (aka: Me, my husband and my daughter) LOVED it and it was eaten pretty quickly.

My daughter’s 2nd birthday is coming up, so I may try something like this again for her cake (I am baking it for her this year to try to save money for the zoo!) so this is definitely an idea that will be shelved and saved for future reference.


Have you seen this picture going around?

You know what I’m going to point out, right? ….

I hope you answered THE RUG! *laughs* LOOK!

It’s an older style more traditional rug but it fits in this room VERY well! I would have never thought of placing this rug in this room, but look how beautiful it looks? Isn’t it fantastic? So I tried to see if I can find a rug similar to this on

I think I found some close ones… what do you think?

Then I found a colorful version. ;P

Now, the colorful one isn’t exactly the same, but I thought it was interesting!


And I am really excited! My baby is turning 2!! It’s amazing how fast time goes by! And we know what we’re doing for her birthday. She isn’t going to get many presents, but she is going to visit…..



We have been wanting to take her to the zoo since the first time she watched We Bought A Zoo! She loved that movie and it was her favorite for the longest time. And now, she gets to see a zoo! We figured that she is old enough now to actually enjoy it and have fun, so it’s the great “First Trip” (besides the cross country drive… but all she saw then was the backseat while wrapped in a blanket. *laughs*)

This is where we are going!

Riverbanks zoo and garden in Columbia, SC! I am truly excited. I will probably be taking a lot of pictures. My facebook friends are going to get a lot of new photos in a new album pop up on their feed soon after this. *wink*

I have been trying to plan this, but I think, in the end, winging it will just be the best thing. See what she wants to do and where she wants to go. Should be a blast.


That is a look at what goes on in my brain at one time. It is quite… amusing how it jumps so quickly to all of it and bounces back between them.

What is going on in your mind today?

My Modern Inspired Rug

I am hand clapping at how excited I was about the whole Minimal Modernism I experienced with this week’s designer.  It made me take a look at some things again and see it in a new way. Things I usually would never consider can fit well and add that hint of modern that actually works very well.

For example, the following rug from eSaleRugs: Gabbeh 33006752 (Click on the name and you’ll be directed to the exact page!)

At first, the middle design threw me off, but now that I have seen possibilities, I like it. A LOT. It has that touch of modern without being so “AH HA” in my face about it. It’s something that easily compliments, but also could work for a guy as well. (That’s very important I think. *laughs*)

What a great rug, right? Or how about Modern Tibet 33006751?

Both VERY nice. I may just get into this whole minimum modern thing. *wink*

Here’s both the links, in case you want the links to the rugs (WORTH LOOKING!)

How did he inspire you?

Inspired Design

While flipping through Maite’s site, I noticed that everytime you go to her home page, there is a different picture. So I just clicked on it a few times when this photo popped up:

And it clicked! There’s a rug on eSaleRugs that is perfect for this! (

Why did I pick this one? Well, the furniture reminds me of an Antiqued look, which I find quite beautiful. And when I think Antiqued looks, I remember the Ziegler rugs! And what better than a Ziegler that has a lovely tone of blue that works and compliments the drawer and frame!

Inspired Design

So, while looking at Sandra’s pictures, the wallpaper on this one stuck out. I think I have seen something similar to this one before:

A rug.

Now, I couldn’t find the rug I originally wanted to post about, but I was able to find some other ones that I kind of REALLY like. (And I mean REALLY like…. More of a I WANT kind of rugs…)

I may have shown this before, I don’t know, but I always admired it. It has some of the swirl, but mostly I think it is a complementary color scheme that would work well just about anywhere. Love it. It’s…. hard to explain but just know… I WANT IT. *laughs*

Now, this is one I hadn’t seen before! IT’S NEW!  What else is awesome? 100% wool! O.O New to me, machine made, but real wool. After my mind was blown about that I decided to chose it as well as one to show because you can definitely tell that this has a light Victorian feel to it. Just like that wall paper.  Or at least it did to me. (It also has a matching runner… again, mind blown!)

Anything else you would like to add as I go back and admire all her pictures? (Again, loved what she has done! Especially in apartments! Those are the hardest to do yet she pulls it off so well!)

Blast from the Past

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you may recognize this entry. For those who haven’t, TADA! An idea so good I think it should be mentioned twice! *laughs*

But this time, I am recommending a different rug. … I think this matches so much more, especially in color and design. Just LOVE IT.


This original idea popped up while surfing Pinterest, a friend and I stumbled across a GREAT idea; using Scrapbook Paper and frame/use them to create a visually appealing and interesting decor to put on your wall!


(Idea links back to

Interesting idea, right? Beautiful idea.

Well, trying to find some good ideas and such to use them (I mean, they’re beatiful, and have you looked in the scrapbooking aisle? There are a LOT of different choices that would look FANTASTIC) I found a rug on eSaleRugs that would look GREAT with this. Totally matches the theme and I think is just stunning:

Doesn’t it match beautifully? Here are some other photos so you can see some more designs.

Interesting rug for an interesting design idea.

I definitely want to try this!

Inspired Design

– More like things that were inspired by the Designer yesterday.

As you may know, I surf eSaleRugs a lot. I mean, A LOT. And something in this photo caught my eye:

Do you see it? (Besides all the books… I would love to have that many books….) Hint: Rugs.

Yes! The rug underneath the sofas and table! It looked strangely familiar to me. And I found out why. There are a lot of similar rugs to that on the website! I believe the style is Heriz?

So I decided I would go looking on the site and see what I can find. Now, before I show you the rugs I found, I think this ties in as well, and it is just so much fun:

Anyways, I went a-hunting and here are some similar rugs I found:

I know they’re not exact, but you can see the similarities. What’s cool is that I would have never imagined them in that type of setting and that kind of decor. That actually opened up a new world for me design wise! Amazing what you can learn!

Now, this last one, I thought was just BEAUTIFUL. I mean, it’s literally a flower!