Another Way of Creativity….

Now, we know I like Decor. I like design. And guess what? That takes a whole other level of creativity. Or a different mind of creativity.

And, since you get to see the many designs for designers, I am going to post just some items I like and how I would like to place it one day… or dream of at least. ;D

Growing up on Video Games, I have always had a love for Mario and Mario themed items. I will probably not get this, but IF I ever do, I would most definitetly put this in a game room. (DREAM OF! If I get a game room, this may be one of the first things I buy to decorate it!).

It works very well in any age group I think. As a young mom, I love it. But it also can be something my nieces and nephew will enjoy because they get the reference as well. “Kid friendly” this lamp is.

If I had a more formal living room, this is what I would use. Then again, I may have this once my daughter is older and I would not fear for the destruction of it.

Simple. Elegant. I like it. At first I didn’t like the chairs, but I see they do have padding on it. I can live with that… maybe. I need to re-think about the backs of the chairs. But I love the overall look of it.

LOVE this as well! A bit more modern. Such a fantastic look!

I don’t do glass tables. I am too scared to even look at them. *laughs*

Love the covers! Now that I am pretty sure my husband would be okay with as well. Love it.

I could see this in a room for my husband. Subtle colors, easy to work with, and it has a nice plush so he could enjoy it.

This is a nice room that can add some “class” or more traditional feel to a room. I would definitely make room for this.

Isn’t Dreaming fun?


In The Spirit of Easter!

I have struggled today. Yes, because I cannot decide what to write about. I wanted to do something with Easter in mind, that everyone would enjoy. But is very hard thing to do without writing the SAME thing as everyone else!

I could go into the spiritual meaning that it has for me, but I cannot find the words.

I could talk about how I celebrate it…. but alas, I am not really doing anything this year because I am working.

So what can I do?

Show you bright and colorful things that brings joy to your heart and may cheer you up. Because Easter is one of color of of happiness. It brings smiles to everyone around, and tends to be in good weather (in my experience). Whether you are celebrating because of the joy you have for your savior has risen, or celebrating it for just the joy of bright colors and a new beginning, it has special meaning to us all!

And so, bright colors and happiness, that is what I am doing for Easter.

(and as with all the pictures I use, they do not belong to me and credit goes to the appropriate places. ;P)

(PS: Coolest Cake Ever!)

Are you smiling yet? ;P

Let me know other what else makes you smile and I will try to add more pictures onto this and make it a happy post!