Creative Week!

Gasp! Where is the Deisgner of the Week?!? you may ask.

Well, I am currently doing some research and having to take another break. (Designers are busy people, so I don’t push for answers, I just ask questions. ;D)

So I thought about it, and decided, this is a good week to talk about being creative and letting it shine in your own way! And I came up with it because I am starting this new task that I decided I wanted to be done. Changes are being made people, and sometimes, we just need inspiration and to see that others go through the same creative struggles as we do.

Now I know when he have this new project/new idea/etc we  get all excited and just want to start right away. And a lot of times, that’s actually the right thing to do. (If you don’t start, you might never.) But there are somethings you need to stop and think about before hand.

Now, this can fit to many different things. (Weight loss can fit into this very easily. No Joke.) You need to realistically think about how you are going to approach it and how to make sure you can keep it going.

Now, while you think about that for a second, here is a peaceful picture that actually helps me at times (oddly enough).

Now, you may wonder why I did that. It’s because it caused you to think did it not? It may have not been about what I had talked about thinking about, but it did start a thinking process (or so I hope.)

And proves a point:

When thinking about a project, try not to have distractions and just fully think about it. When you want something to be done, you need to focus. (there is a difference between setting time aside to focus to only thinking about one thing. You need breaks too!)

These days, we can get distracted WAY too easily. Just go online to do something may turn out like this:

“Oh, I want to get that blog entry written! But I can’t think about what to write about. Well… since I need to think let me check my email. I am supposed to be getting a message from work.”
“Oh look! I have some friends with birthdays this week! In fact, she has one today! Let’s go wish her happy birthday on her facebook wall.”
“Oh wow, that’s a cute picture. Where did they get it from?
*leads to another site*
“Oh that is just too perfect! I must pin this!” (Pinterest anyone?)
“That is such a beautiful dress… what site is that from?”

And on and on. Eventually you forget what you originally wanted to do. OR it makes it even HARDER to write something because you have so much on your mind now.

And boy do I know how that goes.


Projects take time, and though we are excited about them, think about how you will realistically ACHIEVE THEM. Make a plan and figure a time that you can set aside to work on it. It will get done. Sometimes it’s slow, but the feeling of accomplishment is grand.

Now go work on those projects!


The Running of Ideas…

We’ve all had it happen to us. We’ve all done it. We’re asked to come up with an idea. Chose a topic. Be creative.  And for a good amount of the time, yeah, maybe we can think of something. Give an answer. Actually chose a topic.

But if you are like me, your face can look like this: O.O

Oh yeah. I blank. Easily. I honestly don’t know what I want to write about, can’t think of a creative idea. I HATED having to chose a topic to write about in High School. I preferred that they chose it so I could at least start. I LITERALLY took days, sometimes WEEKS to finally decide upon something.

So, what do you do to help to think of something and actually get out of these sticky situations so you can go on your way and be productive? Actually do it. And here are some ideas to help get those ideas flowing!

1. Talk to someone.

Yup. That’s right. The best topics are those you are actually interested in, and sometimes just talking may spark an idea or some sort of thought that will lead to an idea. I know that I have had a few blog entries just from conversations with my friends. (For example, my friend was talking about the latest lotto and how there were three winners. It was what inspired “Feeling Lucky!”)

2. Look online.

Hey, sometimes just some suggestions are a good thing. I know that many people don’t even know where to start, and tips from seasoned pros tend to be a good thing. Why not get advice from someone who has done it before?

3. Brainstorm.

Yes, the good old fashion brainstorming. Now what I recommend is write down a list of ANYTHING. Yes, anything because you never know which one may be a good idea after all. Write down ridiculous things. Things you think has too much information. Random fun things that may relate. Anything. And time yourself. After writing all you can in one minute, go over it, and sort through your list. The ones that are too general, you can break up and see if you’d want to do anything with those. Those silly words may inspire an idea. You never know. But what matters is that you were able to get something on paper that you can at least work off of.

Those are my best. I usually talk to people and my mind wanders and it stumbles across an idea. ;P Feel free to do anything and see if it works for you.

And, if you have any ideas, feel free to comment below! I may be able to add it to my list above. And I promise, I’ll let everyone know you recommend it. ;P