Inspired Design

So, while looking at Sandra’s pictures, the wallpaper on this one stuck out. I think I have seen something similar to this one before:

A rug.

Now, I couldn’t find the rug I originally wanted to post about, but I was able to find some other ones that I kind of REALLY like. (And I mean REALLY like…. More of a I WANT kind of rugs…)

I may have shown this before, I don’t know, but I always admired it. It has some of the swirl, but mostly I think it is a complementary color scheme that would work well just about anywhere. Love it. It’s…. hard to explain but just know… I WANT IT. *laughs*

Now, this is one I hadn’t seen before! IT’S NEW!  What else is awesome? 100% wool! O.O New to me, machine made, but real wool. After my mind was blown about that I decided to chose it as well as one to show because you can definitely tell that this has a light Victorian feel to it. Just like that wall paper.  Or at least it did to me. (It also has a matching runner… again, mind blown!)

Anything else you would like to add as I go back and admire all her pictures? (Again, loved what she has done! Especially in apartments! Those are the hardest to do yet she pulls it off so well!)

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