Inspired Design

– More like things that were inspired by the Designer yesterday.

As you may know, I surf eSaleRugs a lot. I mean, A LOT. And something in this photo caught my eye:

Do you see it? (Besides all the books… I would love to have that many books….) Hint: Rugs.

Yes! The rug underneath the sofas and table! It looked strangely familiar to me. And I found out why. There are a lot of similar rugs to that on the website! I believe the style is Heriz?

So I decided I would go looking on the site and see what I can find. Now, before I show you the rugs I found, I think this ties in as well, and it is just so much fun:

Anyways, I went a-hunting and here are some similar rugs I found:

I know they’re not exact, but you can see the similarities. What’s cool is that I would have never imagined them in that type of setting and that kind of decor. That actually opened up a new world for me design wise! Amazing what you can learn!

Now, this last one, I thought was just BEAUTIFUL. I mean, it’s literally a flower!

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