Designer of the Week!~

And, today, I have chosen for the Designer of the Week, the very first, will be:

Karolyn Stephenson of Town & Country Interiors!

Her Start: She graduated from Rutgers in New Jersey. She received a Bachelors of Science, and minors in the arts. But her passions ended up having her pursue the arts, and she had started her own decorative painting company Holland Brook Designs.

It was there her designer’s intuition started showing. She painted for many interior designers and found herself helping with design advice and assisting in the designing process.

She was then  hired as a design assistant by a graduate of NYSID (the New York School of Interior Design). She apprenticed with her until until the designer went on hiatus to raise a family.

She was then hired by Phyllis Patyk of Town and Country Interiors. Phyllis has experience of over 25 years! It was here that her sister Suzanne joined as well, and they both enjoyed working under Phyllis until she retired in 2008. And now, they are both  current owners of this firm!

Their Style: I believe this is best described by the designer herself: “Eclectic with traditional bones!” (Love it!)

“I love homes with personality, filled with well traveled acessories and a mix of modern and antique.

I feel each home should be a reflection of the client that has been rendered classic by our touch.”

And I couldn’t agree with her more!

Favorite Trends: Ethinic trend (because it really isn’t a trend at all!).

And here is a fun side note! Now, she talked about how well designed and traveled homes dating back to the early 1900’s (quoting her EXACT, she talks quite brilliantly!), there are ethnic influences.  She then mentioned Ikat and Chinoiserie.

Being me and my lack of good designer terms, I had to look these up. LOVE them!

First, Ikat. It is a very interesting design that I never knew had a name! I recognized it the INSTANT I looked it up. (Click on the word to have the definition.) And then I realized, she is ahead of the fashion curve, because it now is selling as well in clothes! This lady has good taste.

And she has similar taste to me. Here is the definition of Chinoiserie: a style in art (as in decoration) reflecting Chinese qualities or motifs; also : an object or decoration in this style.

Yes and YES! Love it! I have ALWAYS been that for Asian Inspired decor! Now ends my random side note.

With all that said, she says yes to Ikat and True Asian Antiques!

The advice she gave to me is that she hopes that people today enjoy trends in moderation. We need to really establish our own personal style by mixing periods and styles. Mix and match to find what says: YOU. (Or rather ME, depending on how you are wanting to phrase it.) No one wants to go into someone else’s home and see the same design, sofa, rugs, etc the same as their own. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! 

And also, by using real antiques and not all new, it is a form of recycling. It’s good in the long run for the environment.

Now for more from me: I had such a good time talking to her! She is fun and such a nice person! And I LOVE the designs I saw on their site! ( So if you are int he right area for them, do contact her! I think you will not be disappointed!

And so, I will leave you with more photos, but definitely check our their site for more!

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