Something Different This Way Comes…


As you may have noticed, it has been a while since I have posted! And I promise I will tell you why:

I have a few things brewing! I am working on having more to write about, especially in the Decor Section of my blog. Fantastic isn’t it? Let’s see what is coming ahead:

* First, I am going to try to organize the blog a bit better. I think I have the basics, but if I can make it easier, it’d be better.

* I am very excited to announce my “Designer of the Week” posts that will be started! I have been talking to many different Designers and they have been kind enough to let me interview them and hear about their designs and their experience. Very exciting! You’re going to love it.

* I will be POSTING AGAIN! I will try to have it where I should be posting three times a week. I know and you know my posts very greatly about their content sometimes, but I will do the “Designer of the Week” as well as a Recipe and the third post will be a toss up!


Now, I want to hear from you, what days do you think would be the best? When do you like to read the posts?

Thank you for your patience everyone, and I will talk to you soon! ❤


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