Oh The Weather Outside is … HOT

And when it is hot outside, the first thing I think of is LEMONADE. (Click on the picture for a link to a healthy recipe!) And, when I started thinking about lemonade, my mind started to wander and connect random items.

Lemonade and the sun are both yellow. And yellow is a color that I tend to not use in any type of decor, which is quite a shame actually. So, why not focus on some subtle way to decorate with yellow today!

I found this picture on a blog today (feel free to visit it. Click on the photo!) and it really got me to thinking. What are nice colors to go with yellow that don’t scream too bright!

Perfect examples. Brown, soft shades of white, grey, subtle reds….

The list can go on for quite a bit! And I have to admit, I love! Oh colors, how you surprise me! I am not one for bright colors (as mentioned in a previous entry) but I can take them in small amounts, and I am loving it!

Something I NEVER would have thought of. But isn’t it beautiful? Dark colors, with subtle yellow tones, and you have a great combination!

Here’s another yellow that I like:

It is a variation of yellows that are not too bright and I think can easily fit in many different decors and rooms.

Any other suggestions?

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