In Honor of the NFL Draft

(that I somehow missed. T.T)

This is going to be dedicated to my favorite team: Carolina Panthers!

I know they got a new logo, but I am still attached to this old one.

And you may be wondering why I am a Panther’s fan out of ALL the teams in the NFL. Honestly, it’s because of my husband. He’s a hardcore, lifetime fan of the Panthers.

Because of my high school experience, I didn’t like Football. (Our team was one of the worst in the state, so the games weren’t that great. I was in the marching band, and had to sit and suffer through them. So much fun though when I wasn’t paying attention to the game.) But it grew on me because of my husband’s hardcore loyalty to them. He made it interesting to cheer and root for the team, even when they weren’t doing so great.

So yes, now I am a loyal fan, and rooting for them. (Cam Newton should have won the Madden Cover!!) Congrats to all those in the Draft, and wishing you all success!

And to celebrate, here is fun and random items:

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