Beautiful But….

Beautiful. I love the stone wall and how the drawer just fits perfectly. But it also feels like something is missing.

Knowing me, I would add a rug.

And I know some PERFECT ones I would want to use. I would go with more natural rugs to keep the effect and the tone the room already has. It doesn’t have paint nor wallpaper, why add an intricate rug?

My favorite options are the Sea Grass rugs or like a Wood rug (yes, wood rugs exist. It’s FANTASTIC and gorgeous. And I cheat: eSaleRugs Seagrass & Wood section is where I looked).

My top choices are these:

I think these have a lovely natural design that would easily compliment. I chose a darker wood and a medium Seagrass, but either way any of the seagrass and wood rugs would be beautiful, don’t you think?

They are lovely, and people have gotten creative about where they use these eco-friendly natural rugs. I approve. There need to be more of these out there!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful But….

  1. Modmissy says:

    Is that a ‘barrel’ night table? It just seems to work! Love the room.

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