In Love With David Tutera’s Designs

David Tutera.

If you do not know that name, let me tell you about him.

He is a FANTASTIC designer/planner. He is known for his Wedding Designs and Party Designs, they are just BREATH TAKING. (as you can see above.) He has a great eye and taste. Sounds familiar? If you are channel surfing, you may have come across his name on TV. He had a show My Fair Wedding, and has also been on a Special on Disney Weddings.

Yes, DISNEY Weddings.

(And from what I was reading, he may have designed some wedding dresses as well.)

I know all of his designs look so grand, but the same thing is at the back of our minds: it also looks very expensive. If you are like me, I wanted to let go of my dream wedding, but you know what? We don’t have to. We can use his designs and inspiration, and find little ways to do a lot more ourself. And slowly, we will have the design of our dreams. Next blog, I want to try to find some little DIY ideas to possibly create a few things, but let me say, I need to post more photos of his work. They are just beautiful!

Guess what, it is doable. Next time, we’ll figure some of this out. ;D

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