Creature of Habit

(Cartoon from

I know we all do this. I know we all have our habits of places we go to, things we do, that we do just about everyday, and sometimes don’t even REALIZE we do.

Well, I am going to fess up. I am a creature of habit. Especially when it comes to internet when I am at home. There are certain sites I frequent and always log into just to check what is going on or see if there is updates. And, I will list such sites here. I bet a lot of you can say that you do the exact same thing.

1. Facebook (

Yes, I am guilty. This is one of the first sites I visit. But let me tell you, I am actually able to keep up with most of my friends and family because of this. What’s sadder is that all the news I hear about my friends are practically BECAUSE of this site. I would be so cut off if it wasn’t here.

Which is something I desperately need to work on.

2. Hotmail (

This is my main email place. This is THE place I go for email. I have AOL only to talk to one particular friend, I have a gmail or two, but I just don’t use them. I have used Hotmail since high school. (But my current email says rather than hotmail.) It is trusty and has worked. Plus it’s easy for me to remember.

3. eSaleRugs (

What? I like pretty things. They have pretty rugs! It’s nice to look to see what’s on the daily deal, plus the new arrivals. (Plus, I like entering their contest for a free rug when it pops up!)

I am a woman and I like to shop… even if I don’t purchase much. So worth the look. One day, when designing a room for myself, I will buy a rug from here and be extremely happy!

There are more, but the list keeps going:

And others.

Anything you do in particular that is your guilty habit? I also tend to smell the pans before I use them, just to make sure they don’t smell odd. No, I don’t do the exaggerated whiff or put it directly to my nose, but a light smell.

Weird, I know.

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