In The Spirit of Easter!

I have struggled today. Yes, because I cannot decide what to write about. I wanted to do something with Easter in mind, that everyone would enjoy. But is very hard thing to do without writing the SAME thing as everyone else!

I could go into the spiritual meaning that it has for me, but I cannot find the words.

I could talk about how I celebrate it…. but alas, I am not really doing anything this year because I am working.

So what can I do?

Show you bright and colorful things that brings joy to your heart and may cheer you up. Because Easter is one of color of of happiness. It brings smiles to everyone around, and tends to be in good weather (in my experience). Whether you are celebrating because of the joy you have for your savior has risen, or celebrating it for just the joy of bright colors and a new beginning, it has special meaning to us all!

And so, bright colors and happiness, that is what I am doing for Easter.

(and as with all the pictures I use, they do not belong to me and credit goes to the appropriate places. ;P)

(PS: Coolest Cake Ever!)

Are you smiling yet? ;P

Let me know other what else makes you smile and I will try to add more pictures onto this and make it a happy post!

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