What’s Your “Itch”?

Now, I know that sounds all sort of weird, but here’s where I was going with this…

From time to time, I get an itch. I mean a HUGE itch! And tonight, that itch is…


Yeah. I’m serious. That’s the type of itching I am talking about. To write. To draw. To sing. To be creative. To just do SOMETHING. The itch we get as individuals to do something that interests us.

But sometimes we are just unable to.

Like me, for example. I cannot seem to get a story started like I was hoping. I just wanted to do SOMETHING. And tadah! I am here.

But writing isn’t the only itch I get.

Here are my common “itchings”.

1. Write.

Okay, I already listed this one, but it still holds true. It can be a short story, to a chapter story, even just a blab of a paragraph, it is all writing. The hardest part is just knowing where to start. It is an art that is hard to do. And everyone has their own taste, so there are different styles. It’s really quite complex if you think about it.

2. Design!

Or at least plan cute outfits! I always have ideas of cute things I want to wear or plan to wear one day. Sketch out a design or copy a dress I saw online that I liked and tried to put it on paper so I can try to figure out me in it.

Actually wearing it is a whole other story.

3. Plan Decor!

Now, when I can actually get to it, I want to design my home. Figure out what can go where. Everyone knows I like rugs, but rugs like this one, (only $86 right now! Ah! Where is my paycheck??) it really makes me want to do so. And when I find things that are affordable, it increases the urge a lot. (and somehow I am still finding myself surfing esalerugs.com and ikea.com)

And last but not least!

4. Sing! (or Act! Performing in general)

I have always loved singing. So when I have the urge, I can just break out! As long as it isn’t an area where I need to be quiet. But acting/performing, it is something that cannot be done just out of no where. I hear that there are troupes in different areas, or if you are in college, there are usually performance groups. One way or another, I should look into different ways to try to be able to sing or act or perform. It is something I love to do!

So, now that you know my guilty itches, what are some of yours? Any ideas how to do mine?

5 thoughts on “What’s Your “Itch”?

  1. You are clearly multi-talented then. 🙂 I have those same itches too, but mostly for writing my stories. I wish I had more writing itches more often…

    • Ah, not quite. A lot of them are many wishes! I can’t design, but I’ll see skirts and shirts that I like and want to wear them together.

      And I completely agree with you about the writing itches. The problem is the few times I do have them, sometimes I don’t have the muse with me. ;P But all in all, it is all fun!

      What kind of stories do you write?

      • Lately, I have been writing more non-fiction/journalism articles and such. But my real passion for writing goes to fiction. It’s quite hard though. Not only do I need a muse with me, but I also need some emotional and psychological strength to cope with locking myself in a room all day to write about whatever…. 😀

      • Oh, and I like to believe that my stories are in the “literary” ilk, but that would be somewhat obnoxious. Anyway, you get it. :))

      • Completely understand. Mine tend to be.. to length or not have enough detail. XD

        But I understand completely. *thumbs up* I am not good at the whole journalism part, but I admire you being able to do so!

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