Feeling Lucky?

Apparently, I am so behind on the news! I just found out that there was not one, but THREE Mega Million winners! Happy for you  Kansas, Illinois and Maryland! (these are the states the winners are in!)

So, I started thinking, do I feel lucky? There are different contests and such out there that everyone can participate in, why not give it a shot?

Want to know the MOST COMMON thing people can try that they ignore?
Have you looked at your receipts? No, not the “How much you spent” part. The other part!

Where you answer questions/do surveys, then win a chance at a gift card/whatever they are offering! Do you know that many people ignore those so it makes your chances better? I know that Game Stop offers $500 Gift Card to a winner and you can enter it once a month. So many people DON’T do it that they can’t even give out all the Gift Cards!

Here are examples of these receipt contests:

Yup, Even FAST FOOD does it!

I have heard recent things that stores and such are doing contests on Twitter! Some on their own sites!

Feeling inspired? I sure am. I am definitely grabbing some old receipts and going to start entering! And now, when I walk by a booth in a Home Show, or Cosignment sale or something, I will enter. (I actually won a Free Mary Kay Party from one, and got free Mary Kay Products! Yes!)

Know of any other contests? PLEASE let me know! I want to enter!

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