Oh The Geeky Things We Notice!

Me and my husband love this show. People come to these wealthy people to try to convince them to invest their company/business or project. Brilliantly done, I love the cast of  Sharks (Robert is my favorite), and is quite entertaining. But it was this show that brought a point out that I was surprised to find out:

I look at WAY too many rugs.

Why would Shark Tank point this out? I can give you a few.. pictures that shows EXACTLY what I am talking about.

Look at those Persian/Oriental rugs! The fact that I NOTICED them is quite a feat. The next part:


Oh yes, and I have proof! Let’s visit my buddies at http://esalerugs.com/

First, the top picture. Doesn’t it look a LOT like:

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Similar isn’t? It’s the traditional Kashan style rug.

Now, for the second Shark Tank Photo (Thank you Hulu!). Look familiar?:

Now, the coloring may be a bit off, but you know what.. I would say that is it! This could pass for two different styles, possibly three. The first that came to my mind was the Mood style rug (the one shown above). It could also be very similar to Tabriz or Indo-Tabriz.

So, yes, I spend a LOT of time looking at rugs. Yes, I DO notice these things. But that just shows you how much I like them! I bet you do that from time to time!

My husband CONSTANTLY does that with cars. “Oh look! It’s a (enter type of car here that I had no chance at recognizing).” Oh yeah. Sometimes he just resorts to “Do you remember that car Paul Walker drove in the Fast and the Furious?” *LAUGHS*

What do you notice that many other people probably don’t?

2 thoughts on “Oh The Geeky Things We Notice!

  1. I do that, too! I was watching The Big Bang Theory once and noticed some text books they had in the show were the same that I had once used. It made me laugh and made me feel like a huge geek. haha.

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