The Power of PI!

I heard some interesting random facts today. Today is Albert Einstein’s birthday and the birthday of PI! (π)

And to celebrate, I will show you different ways different people are celebrating, PLUS just pictures and such of Albert Einstein, or anything I find interesting on the web.

Let the photos BEGIN.

Classic Cake/PI debate. Well, which is it? Is it Cake, or is it Pi(e)?

Just because I am a nerd and found this quite hilarious.

Look! PI DAY sale!! How funny is that! (For some odd reason, it made me think of Friday! It’s not Friday yet, but that is quite funny.)

There is even a PI Day Site!! This is too interesting!

Now, how about all of you? Do you celebrate this momentous day of PI?

Albert Einstein says you should.

(I have always wondered if that really is a photo manip as I had believed ever since I saw the photo, or if it is real. I am pretty sure photo manip, but it would be fantastic if it were real. If only.– CORRECTION! Internet has proven me otherwise! Apparently it is real. Nice to join the world in knowing this!)

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