The Beginning with an idea!

Seeing as I am a young mom and LOVE to see new designs for home, interests, etc, I decided that I would like to share these ideas and see what else other people post as well.

And what better way to start than to start with a home decor idea!

I was surfing through Pintrest when I noticed TWO random pieces that work would together SO well in a room. First, we have to start with what I think is quite the original idea:

Using scrap paper as wall paper/design:

This is a stylish look that can be done and repeated with any sort of style you want. It’s easy, and not that expensive but gives such a sophisticated look.

Now, I also found a rug that I believe would look great with this.

These red tones and style/pattern would work really well with the design above and be quite complementary. Something that is affordable but stylish.
(Definitely something to keep a look out for for they seem to have a lot of different styles of rugs)

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